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Slow Food Movement

Local food and traditional cooking have faced challenges over the years, with people embracing junk food. People realized just how much food had changed for the worse and they started a campaign known as the slow food movement. The campaign gears at finding alternatives to fast food in a bid to encourage healthy living.

The campaign advocates for farmers to plant seeds and plants that are exotic and those that favor the ecosystem. They also ask that livestock gets reared according to the ecosystem in which they are. Sustainable food production is the goal of these efforts as they fight the globalization of junk foods.


This movement began in Italy, in the year 1986. The aim was to fight the opening of McDonald’s that was set to get opened in Rome near the Spanish Steps. People were against such a development as it would lead to the spread of the habit of eating junk foods. In a bid to protect the generations to come from such foods, the founding members came up with a manifesto in 1989. They signed the agreement in Paris in a meeting attended by people from fifteen countries.

The movement took off, aiming at the promotion of local foods while fighting against the globalization of unhealthy foods. As of now, the campaign boasts of over one hundred thousand members from more than one hundred and fifty countries. They have come a long way, considering their initial membership, which goes to show that people are now aware of the harmful effects of industrially produced foods.

The thing that makes the movement so efficient is that the leadership is not centralized. Each region has its leader, which makes perfect sense as different locations face different problems in the food industry. Leaders work towards promoting local farmers, encouraging people to embrace local flavors and organizing events where they can support local foods.

Members have opened up offices all over the world, but the central headquarters remain in Bra, Italy, where the revolution started. They put out numerous publications to raise awareness on the importance of locally grown food, hoping to attract more people to healthy living.

Slow food movement in Bristol

People in Bristol are coming to terms with this campaign, and we have many events geared at spreading knowledge on the importance of such foods. One advocate for local foods is Slow Food

Slow Food USA

They launched a heart squad in Bristol in 2016 with the aim to teach more people the importance of eating healthy foods. They spread information on things such as how to cook healthy meals while on a budget, ways we can fight climate change by changing our diets and the best farming practices.
They have done away with the myth that healthy food is expensive and have created awareness on the benefits of healthy foods.

Slow Food CT

Another campaigner for slow food in Bristol is Slow Food CT. Their emphasis is on sustainable diets, and they advise people to buy whole grain ingredients for a healthy future.
With slow food, we will move towards a healthier future will fewer lifestyle diseases. Join Slow Food USA today.