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Bristol – A City On The Rise

A city gets its definition from its history and Bristol Connecticut is a town with many stories to it.

This suburban city lies in Hartford County in the United States, twenty miles to the southwest of Hartford.

According to a census conducted in the year 2010, the city had a population of sixty thousand, four hundred and seventy seven people. Given the developments that have taken place over the years, the city has seen an increase in the number of people taking up residence in it.
espn campus in bristol
Most people recognize this town as the place where ESPN comes to life. ESPN has its main studios in Bristol. Other amazing places in this city are Lake Compounce which is the oldest theme park in America which has operated on a continuous basis.

In the 19th century, Bristol was well known in America as a clock-making city. People in the town had perfected the art of making these devices and when the era came to an end, they put up a museum where people can take a walk down memory lane as they explore various clocks. You can see the time devices that existed back in the 19th century at the American Clock and watch museum.

People refer to this city in different manners. Some call it the Bell City. This nickname stems from the history that the town has in the making of doorbells. These devices operated through spring mechanism and were quite common back in the day. There are homes that still use this technology to date.

Others may call this town the Mum City. This name originates from the city’s prowess in chrysanthemum production. It held the title for being the leading producer and holds a mum festival every year.

On the list of Best Places to Live released by Money Magazine, Bristol ranked 84th, back in 2010.

Physical features

bristol's map
Bristol covers an area of sixty-nine point five square kilometers and comprises of various sections. Some of its divisions include Chippens Hill, Edgewood, and Forestville. Most of the land in Bristol is for residential purposes and many people move to the city in the hope to find a nice quiet place where they can retire after a long work day. In the year 2008, some people started pushing for commercial developments in the area, with the aim of making Bristol commercially viable. As such, there have been some changes in the uses of land, with people moving towards commercialization.


As of 2010, the population in Bristol stood at 60477 people. This number indicated that there were 2265.8 people per square mile, which is a good capacity. The city has residents from different races ranging from white, African American, Hispanic, Native American, Asians to pacific islanders. This diversity in cultures makes it ideal for residential uses.

Carlos’ Card Empire

This establishment is a great place to place bets as you sip some drinks and play cards. There are many card games in the facility and it makes for a great place to socialize.

American Clock & Watch Museum

People visiting Bristol for the first time are always angling to get inside this museum. Bristol has a rich history in the making of clocks, and here, you will get to see a variety of devices which got made back in the 19th century.


bristol's school building
Children go through a series of learning stages in this city. There are seven elementary schools which have kindergarten all the way to fifth grade children. Children then proceed to middle schools, of which there are two. The first deals with grade six students while the other deals with grades seven to eight.

If you wish to take your child through a different system, there are three private catholic schools available as well as a Lutheran school. These take a different approach to education and they incorporate three systems which run from pre-kindergarten all the way to grade eight as well as an extra high school.

The education systems offered were assessed by having the students take part in a performance test. The report revealed that over 87% of the students scored more than average of the total marks, indicating that the education systems are efficient.

Visiting families with kids enjoy the New England Carousel Museum, it has a gift shop and a kids’ craft center where children can experience the authenticity of the museum.


A city’s authorities must work to ensure that the residents are safe from danger and where an emergency situation arises, they must help combat the problem. This city has a wide array of services available to the residents to ensure that they stay safe.


Bristol hospital provides emergency medical services in the city, a practice that began in 1977. In the beginning, the police department was tasked with this duty before the hospital assumed the role. They have six ambulances, two intercept vehicles and four wheelchair vans to enable them carry out their responsibilities efficiently.

Fire department

The fire department boasts of five stations as well as a tower company. There is a board of commissioners made up of five people who decide on the practices to be used in fighting fires.

Police department

With one hundred and twenty five sworn officers, the department has enough manpower to handle any situations that may arise in the city. They use vehicular patrol, walking officers and a bicycle division to monitor criminal activities in the town.

This town is on its way to making headlines in the future as it moves towards more commercial developments.