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Crowd Pet Projects

This exciting program provides Bristol Rising members an opportunity to select 3 ideas they want Researched and Recruited each quarter with the hope of finding a Champion willing to make the idea reality in the near future!

bristolrising project crowd pet

How it works:

The core of the Bristol Rising community is based in crowdsourcing. To date, there have been a whopping 200+ ideas proposed!

When fresh ideas are proposed and a people begin liking their favorites, it provides entrepreneurs a good indication that a market exists. Once entrepreneurs know that, they can confidently swoop in and turn an idea into reality. Like what happened with Barley Vine (and others)!

On the flip side, there are plenty of great ideas that remain on the sidelines that aren’t noticed right away, and may just need a little nudge to get going.

That’s where Crowd Pet Projects comes in.

We’re your representatives:

Think of the Bristol Rising Staff as your representatives. Every quarter you’ll get to tell us, via vote, which 3 ideas you wish to select as the next Crowd Pet Projects.

These 3 ideas must satisfy the following criterea:

  • One idea must be retail
  • One idea must be a public amenity or event
  • One idea is the Crowd’s choice!

Research Phase:

Our staff will collect as much background data as we can on the idea. Whether there are successful examples nearby. If there are any obstacles to bringing the idea to life. The positives negatives of the idea. If all looks well, and it’s feasible, we move onto…

Recruitment Phase:

We take the idea and try and locate other successful outfits, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals who may be interested in spearheading the idea into reality, selling them on downtown Bristol being the place to be.

Final Recommendations Report:

At the end of the 3 month timeframe, we will provide the crowd a final report and recommendation on whether the idea is worth pursuing. With all the info on the table, it’ll be up to the crowd to decide whether to continue chasing the idea, or reload new ideas entirely!

End Goal:

Our hope is through this process we can locate champions willing to take on ideas and bring them to life (if proven feasible)!

In the end, Crowd Pet Projects will at least bring more understanding and perhaps ignition to a number of awesome crowd suggested ideas, helping continue the dream of crowdsourced placemaking downtown Bristol into a reflection of our desires!

It’s not just about our staff doing all the work. You can be a part of the action to if you feel special affinity for an idea and want to make it happen!