Crowdsourcing the downtown we want to experience… today!

Scroll down to see the new Rising Mobs video!

Rising Mobs will create a community willing to mobilize on behalf of small businesses in downtown Bristol. This is an open-call for how to answer the question, “What is there to do downtown?” There will be a “mob” event roughly every month at different locations. After hosting the chosen event that Bristol Rising helps promote, business owners are encouraged to continue the mob-suggested type of event regularly.


What is a Rising Mob?

Rising Mobs was inspired by the concept of a ‘cash mob‘ and the Pop-Up Piazza Festival. These events financially support local businesses, and Rising Mobs will do the same. Rising Mobs will ensure that businesses are rewarded specifically for listening to their clientele. The mob will “demand” to see a certain event, and then will work with the business to “supply” that service, like a mini Pop Up event each month. See the slide show below!

While Bristol Rising is identifying compelling new retailers for a new generation of downtown patrons, Rising Mobs will engage the community, create a vibrant downtown atmosphere, develop a dialogue between businesses and buyers, test our market and fill our calendars!

If Bristol is missing the experiences we want to spend our money on, we can help change that! Don’t keep your awesome ideas to yourself. Share your ideas, create events you want to support, bring your friends–have a blast and boost the local economy while you’re at it.


What should you do now?

1. Submit ideas on how you think existing businesses can attract a new generation of downtown customers through freshevents (i.e. “Live music performances on slower nights would attract a new crowd that…”). Submit here! You can also submit ideas to [email protected] if you prefer them being posted by the Rising Mob team!

2. Plan the Rising Mobs series on Facebook (request to join the discussion group!) We need people who are good at administering and task mastering, so please volunteer!


While we tinker with the event calendar, get yourself mob ready…

3. Develop the ideas by commenting on them (i.e. “Live music would be great, though even better if it were acoustic since the place isn’t large! In fact, I have a friend that’s extremely talented and interested…”).

4. Like/upvote the ideas you’d want to experience. Proving there’s interest is the most effective way to motivate a business owner to actually implement viable ideas. Like/upvote here! We’ll invest in understanding the feasibility of any idea with at least 20 Likes and seek out a business that’s willing to implement it.

5. Organize and promote the events with local businesses. To champion a Rising Mob event or help spread the word, get involved!


When the hard part is over — it’s time to MOB!

6. SHOW UP! Rising Mob the businesses whose business owners agree to try out your favorite ideas! For instance, if a business owner agrees to try out trivia night, then we host a Rising Mob to make sure the new idea gets off to a rousing success!


A few other details…

The Rising Mob Team will choose among the top three liked ideas on Bristol Rising with a minimum number of Likes to be determined. Feasibility will play a role in the decision-making process, as well as finding a host business that is complimentary to the idea.

Businesses are responsible for tailoring their model to what sells. If they’re willing to listen to their customers, we’re going to help by giving them the Rising Bump. We’ll work with businesses to implement an idea that the downtown clientele wants to see, and we’ll bring the crowd to the first one.

If you are a business owner, hoping to take advantage of a more integrative downtown community and get a valuable test in honing your services by hosting a Rising Mob, please contact Bristol Rising. You can also download an information letter here.