What is the Fab Five?

The Fab Five are the five retail businesses that represent the future of downtown Bristol. In addition to downtown feasibility studies, Renaissance will offer the Fab Five the opportunity to embrace the same crowdsourced placemaking program Bristol Rising uses in order to help them establish an enthusiastic community of customers by opening day. Expect the first of those programs to commence in early February.

Here’s your Bristol Rising Fab Five!

The Bare Bones
Literary Cafe + Performance Space
Ale House + Wine Bar
Dinner & Drinks Movie Theatre
Intimate Live Music Venue

How were they selected?
Starting July 12, 2011, the five top retail ideas with the most Likes by September 20, 2011 were chosen as the Fab Five. Sponsored ideas, those already with an owner, needed at least 200 Likes, while unsponsored ideas needed at least 300 Likes. As of September 20, 2011, only two ideas, Bare Bones and the Literary Cafe + Performance space had the necessary threshold of Likes, as you can see in the charts/lists below.

Sponsored Ideas

– The Bare Bones – 224 Likes (qualified)
– Ale House & Wine Bar – 188 Likes
– Dinner & Drinks Movie Theatre – 159 Likes
– Co-working Space for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs – 125 Likes
– Intimate Live Music Venue – 117 Likes
– Moderately Priced Urban Format Grocer – 105 Likes
– Bristol Billiards – 97 Likes

Unsponsored Ideas

– Literary Cafe + Performance Space – 316 Likes (qualified)
– Brew Pub / Restaurant – 261 Likes
– Live Music Venue – 237 Likes
– Market in Piazza [Needs Organizer] – 228 Likes
– Artisan Bakery – 156 Likes

We then held a ‘sudden death’ vote to select the final three, informing the crowd just how close the other ideas were: The final three were Ale House & Wine Bar, Dinner & Drinks Movie Theater, and Intimate Live Music Venue.

The final results to determine the final three are below, with 495 responses in one week.