Welcome to Downtown Bristol

Letter of Interest Count: 197


Live in the brand new live, work, shop, and play downtown Bristol, where you get first dibs on residential units by filling out our online Letter of Interest form in seconds. (or download in PDF here).

LOI’s are non-binding Letters of Interest that cost you nothing, and it automatically places you on the list for new living spaces! There is no obligation, and if your interest or situation changes you needn’t worry! But at the very least you are first in line for what will be the nicest living spaces in all of Bristol!


Benefits of Signing an LOI

  • Be kept up to speed on unit availability and options every step of the way
  • Priority consideration when apartments become available and right of first refusal
  • Sign a letter with friends and you could arrange to live in the same building, floor, or across the hall!
  • Your interest allows Renaissance Downtowns to accelerate the project timeframe
  • There is no commitment for signing up.


How do you sign up?
1. Click here for our online Letter of Interest form that takes seconds! Or click here to print out a Letter of Interest and complete at your leisure.
2. The online form sends to us your interest automatically! If you prefer to print out the letter please send it back to us through e-mail or FAX: [email protected], 860-583-0032
3. You can also deliver the letter in person or through the postal service to: Renaissance Downtowns, 2nd Floor, 111 N. Main Street Bristol, CT 06010


What happens next?
If you sign up, as soon as we receive new unit details or significant project updates we will email or call list members!


Hear from excited downtown living Pioneers:


From the Renaissance Downtowns team:If you are interested in renting/purchasing a home in a revitalized downtown Bristol, now is your chance to be first on the list! Renaissance Downtowns is offering priority consideration to the Bristol Rising community on any future offers/specials for residential units. Sign an LOI in seconds (or print one out here) now for priority consideration for leasing or buying with participating developers in downtown mixed-use development. Join the community of pioneers that are defining Bristol’s bright downtown future by getting on list! Signed, The Renaissance Downtowns Team”


A Word from Renaissance Community Liaison Hanna Furey:
My name’s Hanna Furey,Community Liaison for Renaissance Downtowns, and we’re working on an exciting project that can transform the dead space that was the Centre Mall into a vibrant walkable community.

In order to move the project along we are trying to build a client list that shows financiers that there is indeed a lot of interest in downtown living. The more interest we can show, the quicker things can be accomplished. The way to express that interest is what we call LOI’s, or Letters of Interest. They’re not legally binding, but simply letters that say, “Yes, I’ve got enough of an interest in downtown living to send in this form.” It’s easy, but most importantly it speaks volumes.

If you’d like more info on downtown living, we’ve got answers:

  • Check out BristolRising.com/resi-info-page for additional layouts, and project details.
  • Send me an email directly ([email protected]) for a one-on-one session!

Our original goal was the collect 150 of these letters, which we accomplished! Now we’re looking to reach 240 letters, which is the number of units in phase one so we can see who’s interested in living in this vibrant vision. Any word you can send to those you know who might be interested in living in this new retail-laced walkable downtown would be a huge help! The more people subscribing to this LOI campaign the better for the community and the City.

So spread the word, fill out those online LOI’s, shoot me back those letters (or inquiries), and let’s get downtown built!

Thanks, and hope to hear from you!

Hanna Furey
Community Liaison
Renaissance Downtowns
[email protected]


This page used to contain an original list  for ‘priority consideration’. To avoid people confusing that list with the current list of LOI signees (which is private), we have chosen to remove the original “priority list”. If you were on the original “priority list” you are eligible for double priority consideration if you sign a Letter of Interest today. To find out if you were on the original “priority list”, please email [email protected]