Chamber Awards Dinner, June 14 2012

Risers, we’ve got something to celebrate!The Central Chamber of Commerce just held their Awards Dinner in recognition of 8 specific businesses and organizations that contributed to the community over the past year.

Of the eight honored, Renaissance and Bristol Rising were among them as they were presented the Spirit of Bristol Award for their efforts in uniting the community to look towards Bristol’s future.

Renaissance President, Don Monti, and Bristol Riser, Andy Adams, went up to accept the award. Don took the time to publicly thank Ryan who has been instrumental in the success of the project thus far as well as doing a genuinely warm shout-out to Andy and the other Bristol Risers at the event, who prove that communities can come together and make good things happen. Andy, holding true to her spirit, passionately asserted the 300 dinner guests to register and add to the growing voice that is Bristol Rising.

It was a lovely evening that emphasized the community support that is behind the project.

In reflection of that progress, Riser Gina Scalia looks back on Renaissance’s introduction to Bristol and how the revitalization has been a catalyst to unity in the city:

When Renaissance Downtowns arrived in Bristol, everyone- including myself- had many doubts as well as questions as to why in the world were they in our city. But now that almost 2 years have passed, they really have shown us what they are made of. Please join us as a “One Unit City” as we undergo a major revitalization in our downtown. We need to unite, even if you still have doubts about the project. Come and listen in and ask all the questions you have and get them answered. With a big city such as Bristol, we can unite as one with opposition as well. We all cannot agree on everything that happens in Bristol, but I do know that together, we can be the greatest city in the entire state of Connecticut. We need to hear the negative as well as the positive in order to make this city survive with this huge project. Please, I invite all ages, races, religions, groups, clubs, municipalities and anyone I didn’t mention to come and stand by your city and voice your suggestions and concerns. Because this type of activity is

EXACTLY how this city of Bristol, CT will be the safest, strongest, most diverse, supportive, and prosperous city in the state. It is One Word…..”UNITY”…. We NEED to ALL STAND together as ONE to get this City to acheive it’s TRUE SUCCESS!

If we all join in this once in a lifetime opportunity, we will all hold our heads up with True Honor because it does not take one company or one group or one club or one person to capture the spirit and success of a big city such as Bristol, it takes every single one of us that live in the city. So c’mon, jump on board this project and make your ideas part of this tremendous revitalization of TRUE SUCCESS.