*Unified Downtown Development Project Special Permit Application for the Depot Square site.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 was a very intense day. From the moment Renaissance’s office opened until night settled over City Hall, there was a compelling sense of excitement in the air.

It didn’t matter that a deluge of rain battered the gray asphalt of Depot Square because there was a silver lining in our midst. Or rather, the tenacious twinkle of video cameras to start the day.

WFSB Channel 3 graced the Renaissance office early Wednesday morning and with Ryan Porter feeling poised and in place, the news team began an interview on the zoning approval and what it would mean for our revitalization process. It was an eloquently said piece, as Ryan proved with each sentence that he and the Renaissance team have poured their hearts into this project, this town and want it to succeed just as much as its citizens.

Check out the video here!

Such tremendous excitement from TV exposure carried us through bustling afternoon hours into the minutes before the Zoning Commission Meeting where streams of vibrant orange filled up rows in the Council Chambers.

After a few housekeeping matters, Zoning Commissioners delved into the extensive material the Renaissance team brought forth in proposal. Ryan then laid out in a detailed presentation the different propositions in the proposal from rear-view dining that could be enjoyed in the Piazza as well as on-street parking allowed for two-way streets, to name a couple. His presentation was followed by several passionate advocates, including Frank Johnson (BDDC Chairman), Victor Lugo (Barley Vine Owner), Dave Haberfeld (Downtown Investor, Summer Street revitalizer), and Bob Veilleux (Bristol Marketplace Owner), who attested for Renaissance’s tireless commitment to making the downtown its best, as well as the large amount of under-the-radar work the team performs, as Bob Velleux put it. The council chambers remained silent when Head Commissioner asked for anyone who wished to speak against the project.

Finally, the Board took a confident leap of faith coupled with thorough confidence and unanimously voted yes to the UDDP proposal. (Click to get full details from BP article)

Almost two dozen Risers, from Bare Bones ladies Robin, Michelle and Sarah to proprietors Dave and Vic, as well as a host of regulars visible in orange or imperceptible in normal clothes (Anne, Kim, Michele B, Gina, Fred, Joanne, Russ, Julie, Kevin, Betty, Dave T, John K, Kaye, Scott, Kayla, Scott L, Sarah, Jane and Andy, and more…) cheered exuberantly.

Another victory in our belt, Bristol Risers slowly dispersed into the night with a smile on their face. It was one step closer to construction, one step closer to the future and to the walkable environment we all have been fervently envisioning.





Below are a few more pics that we’ll call our complimentary UDDP photo essay.