The below information is directly from Firefly Brewing Co’s KickStarter campaign page. The Firefly team was at Bristol Rising’s meetup last month introducing themselves, their idea, and their brew – in the form of delectable samplings. We recommend everyone at least read the information below and then check out their kickstarter page, read about the different donation tiers, the schwag you’d receive for donating, and the good karma you’d be building for bringing a brewery downtown. They need our help, and we need their beer, let’s make it happen Bristol Rising!



We are the guys who run Brew & Wine Hobby, a homebrew shop in East Hartford, CT.  Rich Loomis is the soul of Brew & Wine Hobby.  He’s forged a profitable business and gained the unwavering trust of hundreds of brewers and winemakers alike.  Bill Collins is the guy who gives you the confidence to see into the future.  He’s given direction to our collective passion and has driven us to pursue this with unwavering conviction.  I, Dana Bourque, provide the technical knowledge to make a brewery happen.  I recently finished with the American Brewer’s Guild and would love nothing more than to see Connecticut’s beer culture rival what Colorado and Oregon offer their populace.


Firefly Brewing Company is the expression of our collective pursuit of happiness through our shared passion for beer. We are a conglomerate of creative minds who believe we can make the world a better place by providing an atmosphere and a product conducive to positive thought and creativity. It is our sincerest hope that the beer we create helps you further your own creative journey and propels you down your own road to happiness. Our slogan, “Get Lit” is a testament to spreading our inspiration, because it takes more than one firefly to enlighten the world.

The beer we produce will be immediately available in our Taproom, where we aim to provide a relaxing and laid back beer drinking experience.  Fresh beer always tastes the best, so we want to focus on keeping it that way.  Pints in the taproom, growlers to go, and small scale, local distribution is our way of ensuring our product is in its prime when it gets to your glass.  We will provide a rotating line of brews and dedicate a lot of time into developing a few unique, vintage styles.

We feel that giving back to a community that makes living our passion a reality is a very important part of this life, and we would like to return that favor to others down the road. We’ve decided to make Firefly Brewing a “Pay it Forward” endeavor. For every dollar donated to help launch Firefly Brewing, we will donate a dollar to help launch other small businesses or Kickstarter projects in the future.  This is our way of thanking you for our success and allowing your donations to live on.

The Brewery

The Firefly Brewing Company Taproom and Lounge will be located in the heart of Bristol, CT.  The town is currently dedicated to bringing in an energetic vibe by welcoming small businesses like ours.

There is already enough waste in the world, so we are committed to recycling, reusing, and supporting American manufacturing where-ever possible. Our goal is to start with a 7 barrel brewhouse fabricated from repurposed dairy tanks, modified syrup tanks, and miscellaneous stainless vessels.  Wherever specialized stainless or manufacturing skills are needed, we will source the labor and goods from domestic companies.  We want to get the most out of every dollar we spend while give a home to existing equipment and supporting the local business.

Your Donations

The most difficult part of opening a brewery is generating the upfront capital required to purchase equipment.  We are asking for $30,000 to help fund a brewhouse, fermenters, pumps, and other crucial pieces.   We are going to use some ingenuity, and a bit of craftiness to stretch these dollars to the maximum potential.  Even though we are asking for a substantial sum, it is still only enough to get us off the ground.  The more we raise upfront, the more money we can invest into additional parts of the business.  Raising over our goal would allow us to put more money into funding additional fermentation tanks, dispense equipment, aesthetics of the taproom, kegs for local distribution…The list goes on.  So even if we’ve met our goal, know that further donations will help get this project off on two sturdy legs.

You will also get cool stuff.  Like this tee shirt, which also happens to glow in the dark.


Make it Happen

1. CREATE a Kickstarter account: all it takes is an email address.
2. SIGN IN at – if you already have an account, you’re all set. If not it only takes a moment.
 what you are comfortable giving.  We appreciate every dollar.  If you find yourself wanting to help but unable to donate you can skip to the next step to help us spread the word.  Your card will only be charged should we reach our full goal. 
this with your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and whoever else crosses your path! Let everyone know you are a backer for Firefly Brewing Company.

Once again we thank all of you for your time and consideration, and we can’t wait to have you in the taproom once we’re brewing!