Last night marked a historic and just really cool event.

The Ingraham House  hosted the first ever Downtown Pioneers Happy Hour.  Pioneers are folks who have expressed interest in being one of the first settlers in downtown Bristol. Some have already taken the plunge to invest, some are waiting and excited to make the leap, and some wanted to learn more but were intrigued. Not to my knowledge has there ever been a potential community that came together prior the place actually being built. So it was neat to see.  Almost like a beta community socializing within a beta atmosphere of what we all hope will soon be permanent on both fronts.

Speaking of atmosphere, the night was really crafted for pioneers to experience the type of vibe we foresee in the future. Conversation, social circles, beverages (and fine craft ales courtesy of Barley Vine) relaxation, tons of food (courtesy of local restaurants Milestone, Supernatural, Tortoise & the Hare, Center Restaurant & Pizza), and great live music… All was experienced last night and added to it was the magical vibe of the historic mansion (fun fact: it was the first home to be built with electricity in Bristol).

The night was about pioneers meeting other pioneers.  Seeing that there are other people like them that are desiring this great walkable environment where everything you’d want is at your fingertips. It showed that they are not alone. There are others like them that enjoy the atmosphere we experienced last night and hope it will be the perma-atmosphere of the new downtown multiplied many times over with many interesting local establishments, coupled with a multiplication of the pioneers who came out. It’s not a stretch to imagine either. It’s already starting to happen. A fun experience was had by the pioneers last night picturing that growing downtown as a very, very real outcome in the near future.  But as always, it takes joining in on the effort to make sure we can make it happen. So join in the fun!

Here’s a few pictures from the evening.