Hey Risers!

Welcome, welcome, and welcome!  It’s our brand new site.  Still smells like we just drove it off the lot.  Please browse around and check things out.  Interact with it, tickle it, have fun.  If there’s something funky, post what you find on this story, or fire an email to [email protected]

Here’s a few places you should give a test drive first:

Ideas: Here’s all the ideas proposed by your fellow community members.  Like the one’s you’d want for downtown by clicking the thumb.  There is no limit to how many ideas you can like.  If you like 150 of them, then cast your vote for all of ‘em!

Forums: Here’s where you can start topics to chat about with your fellow community members.  Sort of like a message board.  Get your downtown chatter on.

Updates: Here’s where you’ll find the latest Bristol Rising stories on the goings on of the BR universe. Indulge in knowledge.

That’s just a small bit of what’s going on.  Dive into the depths and play around some more. Plenty to find, and there’s more features to come, it’s just the beginning!

Below is a techie note on the new site. Please read!

New website’s here!

Bristolrising.com and gobristolsurvey.com have been merged at bristolrising.com. We’ll be updating links and adding content all day on Monday, so please be patient!
For the 1500 members who were registered at gobristolsurvey.com:
You can login like you always have.

For the 400 of you only registered at bristolrising.com, but not at gobristolsurvey.com:

You’re automatically registered on this site with the email address you were using previously, but you need to reset your password. You can reset your password by clicking on ‘Login’ at the top right of this site, then “Forgot your password?” Enter your email address that you were using at the old bristolrising.com site, and a link to reset your password will be emailed to you at that address.
Difficulties? Comments? Email Mark at [email protected] Two features that will be temporarily missing are the Calendar RSVP and the Photos/Videos gallery, but those will be added soon.