Hello Risers!  This update is going to be shorter, and certainly sweeter!



We wanted to thank everyone single one of you involved in this process for helping take this incredible vision to the next step. Those before us had failed to get this far, but through the power of the Bristol Rising’s participation, and the strength of this plan, we were quite the positive locomotive and the City and BDDC were all aboard! Now it’s full steam ahead!


And no, Bristol Rising does not stop here. Not even close! It will only grow to become more important as we continue to help shape this downtown revitalization through the power of our ideas and feedback, helping entice investment in this downtown across the full spectrum of our desires. And that’s the key, we need to keep representing those desires, and to make them clearly known! (aka go propose and ‘like’ ideas you want downtown at gobristolsurvey.com)


OH, and check out this newly produced docu-vid of this past Tuesday’s City Council Concept Approval, covering the historic meeting & vote, plus the subsequent celebration at the Bare Bones!  (We wanted to get this out to ya quickly, so we had to upload a lower video quality version. Turn up the volume on your speakers and enjoy!)


Experience Bare Bones, Now Open! 

The Bare Bones is in the midst of their soft launch, go and check out this amazing fluid arts space cafe!  And be sure to mark the grand opening date (Oct. 27th) on your calendars!


The soft open hours are as follows (subject to change post- grand opening):

Sun:  10 AM – 7 PM

Mon  10 AM – 10 PM

Tue   10 AM – 10 PM

Wed  10 AM – 10 PM

Thu   10 AM – 12 PM

Fri     12 PM – 12 AM

Sat   12 PM – 12 AM




All Aboard!


We’re going places… here’s where to

We welcome volunteers, helpers, and especially attendees/participants at any of the events listed below.  If you have any questions, please shoot Community Liaison Mark Walerysiak Jr a message at [email protected]




Bristol Rising Meetup <–click to RSVP

Tuesday October 18, 6:30 PM

@ Nuchie’s Restaurant


Join the fun as we scarf pizzas, and discuss the potential final concept approval, conclusion of the Fab Five Campaign and what the results mean, next initiatives, events, goals, housing, the Web site, and MUCH, MUCH more!


  • Also, we may be in for a treat as President of the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce is tentatively scheduled to provide a Rail presentation to the crowd! We know mass transit is on the minds of many Risers, as the Passenger Rail and Train Station Complex is in the top 10 of over 150 ideas on the survey site, so this could be an enlightening experience!


  • Plus the owners of Summer Street 8-30 will be joining us and letting us know about their efforts to help positively turn the neighborhood and revitalize the area, starting with their building.   





BARE BONES Grand Opening Event <– RSVP on FB

October 27th

6 PM – 8 PM


Live music, food, art work, live art, possibly some wine & spirits, and a whole lotta fun!  


Downtown’s hip again! Enjoy the culture, arts, a place for java, chess, laptops, games, remote work, creativity, networking, and just a fantastic community hangout right to the visible forefront on Main St!  One nice step for Bristol Rising, one large step for downtown revitalization!


Be a fan of Bare Bones on Facebook!    





The West End Cleanup <– click to RSVP (Need volunteers! Come Join!)

November 6

12 PM – 3:30 PM

Starting @ Corner of Divinity & Park St. 


The West End Group is trying to revitalize the West End and spread pride throughout their neighborhood.  Much like Bristol Rising’s efforts at Summer St., this is a perfect opportunity to create some tangible change from the ground up! 


If you’d be interested in helping out, please give us a shout for this fantastic effort.