Hello Risers!


As we’re leaving Summer in the rear view and leaping into a big pile of autumnal change, much like the seasonal transitions we’d like to continue helping transition Bristol’s spirit with fun events and putting our positivity on full display.


With these types of efforts we’re able to reach new people with our message, show them we’re for real (and what we’re about!), and that we care about turning downtown into what we all believe it can become.  So as you scroll down this update, please keep keep in mind this weekend’s Bristol Rising Movie Night, and Bristol Rising Marching in the Mum Parade! Oh and that we want ya there, and jumping in on the action!



Speaking of Summer (St.) Transitions…

Holy Moly was this past Saturday an amazing example of what the community spirit that is embodied in Bristol Rising can do for a neighborhood. More than 50+ Rising volunteers converged on Summer Street with brooms, shovels, weed whackers, can-do attitudes, and a spirit that gave hope to a whole neighborhood.  Not our words, but of the owners and tenants right on the street level.  


Peep the Bristol Press article on the efforts. Volunteers Turn out in Force to Clean Summer Street


Checkout some pics!

Off to the races!

 The clean sweep!

Taking zee trash out!

Risin’ is haulin’

Group photo!




Fab Five Campaign Wraps! Bare Bones makes it!


With the chance to get your favorite ideas into the Fab Five wrapping this past Tuesday (Sept 20) at midnight, there was a mad dash to the finish line, as exhibited by the charts and stats below.  We’re proud to announce that a massive several day push in support of the Bare Bones launched them over the top to trigger that investment / entrepreneurial pursuit assistance from Renaissance.  Well done Bare Bones supporters! Proving that market? Check.


Now let’s check out the rest of the standing, and the other ideas and campaigns that made a valiant efforts.  Kudos to all of Bristol Rising’s support…  


CLIFFHANGER ALERT: Don’t fret just yet for the ideas that didn’t make it, as it’s not quite over… we’ll explain further below!  First, here are your finishing stats. 



Sponsored Ideas –  (Entrepreneur attached) 

(required 200 ‘likes’ by Sept 20)

Any sponsored idea (with an entrepreneur already attached) needs 200 ‘likes’ (thumbs ups) in order to trigger Renaissance’s assistance in pursuing business investment to make that idea become a strong-term possibility.  



The Bare Bones – 210 Likes     

Ale House & Wine Bar – 173 Likes  

Dinner & Drinks Movie Theatre – 123 Likes

Co-working Space for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs – 116 Likes 

Intimate Live Music Venue – 96 Likes 

Moderately Priced Urban Format Grocer – 89 Likes

Bristol Billiards – 77 Likes 



NON Sponsored Ideas -  (No Entrepreneur attached) 

(require 300 ‘likes’ by Sept 20, ‘like ‘em up!)

Fab 5 eligible non-sponsored ideas work somewhat the same as the above. However, these ideas require 300 ‘likes’ in order to trigger Renaissance to actively pursue entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors to open the establishment.


Literary Cafe (bookstore) + Performance Space – 286 Likes    

Brew Pub / Restaurant - 242 Likes     

Market in Piazza [Needs Organizer]  – 207 Likes

Artisan Bakery (All Natural, like ‘When Pigs Fly’) – 135 Likes



One night exception!… Fab 5 paper Ballots at ‘Movie Night’

Ah, so the campaign to determine who made the Fab Five ended on September 20th and only one of your favorites made the cut. I can see your bummed out… but wait!… we still have a chance to add to The Bare Bones and push our favorites beyond the finish line!


How, you ask?


There will be a one day, one shot exception to the deadline… Why’s that dear, Watson?  Originally people were going to be able to vote for their Fab Five via paper ballots at the movie night during the Pop Up Piazza August 6th.  As we know, rain washed away the movie and thus any prospective votes that night.  So now we have a second chance at this weekend’s ‘Back to the Future’ movie night on September 24th (rain date Sept 25 6:30 PM), as we will be distributing paper ballots for folks to choose at least 5 of their favorite ideas to make the Fab Five just prior to the start of the film.


So there’s still a chance to pass thresholds, I’m happy to report!  So make sure your friends, family, colleagues, co-workers can come out to represent their vote for what they want to go after to get for our revitalized downtown!


If you’d like to help volunteer to help with balloting we’d love the help!!: [email protected]






We welcome volunteers, helpers, and especially participants at any of the events listed below, with future events, or if you have any questions, please shoot Community Liaison Mark Walerysiak Jr a message at [email protected]







Visit Mum Fest’s Page!  RSVP on Mum Fest’s Facebook Event Page!


Bristol’s a big deal this weekend, as Mum Festival turns the big 5-oh! Come out in force on the Boulevard to enjoy a weekend chalk full of wonderful activities, family friendly fun, community organizations, games, food, a free concert on Saturday, and a whole lot more! My head is spinning it’s going to be so fun!


And if you’re in the mood for amusement, skip on over to Depot Square and enjoy the Exchange Club’s Carnival Weekend, a historical staple of Mum Fest Weekend.  Whatever you do this weekend, make sure you do it doooowntown!




Saturday Night’s Main Event: FREE Bristol Rising Movie Night!

**Mum Fest Weekend Festivity**



8 PM September 24th  (immediately following FREE Mum Festival Concert on Boulevard)

Rain Date Sept 25, 6:30 PM


Corner of Main Street & Riverside Avenue (Depot Square)


RSVP to attend the movie on Bristol Rising

‘Back to the Future’ on a 40 foot screen’s Facebook Page 


Help spread the word by sharing, and inviting friends & family to this wonderful FREE event!

Doc and Marty need to get back… back to downtown Bristol, Connecticut! 

Great Scott, the free feature film screening of the original ‘Back to the Future’ was rained out at the August 6 ‘Pop Up Piazza’, so the movie has jumped up a tad….in the future! THIS Saturday September 24th, to be exact! 8 PM Sharp.

Bristol Rising proudly presents this exciting night for family & friends, which will add color to Mum Festival Weekend activities, where plenty of great fun will be enjoyed by all! Including Mum festival activities from morning till early evening on the Boulevard, including a free concert from 6-8 PM. A Carnival will be right around the corner on Depot Square during the day and night.  And amongst all the fun, Bristol Rising will have a movie for all to enjoy at 8 PM! Be sure to support all the great activities!

Bring the blankets, bring the chairs, don’t forget the kids, and have a great time enjoying this all-time classic and cult hit on the site of the future piazza — where movie nights, entertainment, shopping, and socializing will be as regular as Calvin Klein undies in the ’50s.

Friends and family will be out in full force enjoying the hi-def picture on a gigantic 40-foot screen! Join the fun! 



Com’n and March in Mum Parade w Us!

September 25

Hey Risers!

We’re looking to gather current and future Bristol Rising members & their families together to march in the Mum Festival parade in a collective sea of bright orange T’s! (We’d be happy to get you a ‘T’ if you don’t already have one) We’re excited to get out there in force and show people that we’re for real, and that we do believe in Bristol. Come and join the fun.

It’s a great opportunity to spread our positive spirit for downtown revitalization, and that our vision CAN and WILL succeed! Join the festive air, gather as many of your fellow and future Rising members as you can, and please let us know if we can expect you! Spread the word! 

TIME: 12:30 – 12:55


Please let us know if we can expect you!

email [email protected] 


Facebook Rising in Parade Page



Bare Bones Grand Opening

(to be announced…)

The Bare Bones team is in the house and setting up shop! I smell an update in the VERY near future! Stay tuned. Be a fan of Bare Bones on Facebook!    





Norm Johnson Jazzes up Downtown 

@ Ingraham House 

September 30

Norm Johnson’s Jazz quartet will liven things up several notches as they perform LIVE at the Ingraham House (156 Summer Street) September 30th. We strongly suggest you check out this magical experience. For just a $15 donation you get to experience an intimate, historic, charming atmosphere, refreshments, apps, and a whole lot of fun.  And oh yeah, live music 15 feet away.  You can’t find an experience like it anywhere else!  


RSVP on Facebook

Check out the Ingraham House On Facebook



West End Cleanup! – (looking for volunteers!)

The West End Group is trying to revitalize the West End and reclaim pride.  Much like Bristol Rising’s efforts at Summer St., this is a perfect opportunity to create some tangible change on the ground up! 


If you’d be interested in helping out, please give us a shout! 







Historic Fall to turn Orange

Save October 6 & 11th on your Calendars


Here’s a biggie! The Renaissance Downtowns concept plan for downtown you’ve helped influence in such a positive fashion (um, hello piazza!), will be up for approval at the BDDC meeting October 6, and in City Council on October 11th.  


Your support would be greatly appreciated as we look forward to everyone’s efforts to this point hopefully being realized with a vote of confidence, and visions like the no. 1 most popular idea — a public piazza — becoming reality.