Hey Risers!  Before we get into last night’s Bristol Rising meet-up recap…



Thanks to All for the Pop Up Smash Hit!

Enjoy some pics!

Photo Credit: Project for Public Spaces

Photo Credit: High Octane


Photo Credit: Project for Public Spaces

Photo Credit: Project for Public Spaces

First and foremost I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make this past Saturday’s Pop Up Piazza Festival a smash hit!  Upwards of 20,000 people walked through the gates to enjoy the day, and that just doesn’t happen without the can-do attitude of many positive people who added to the palpable energy of the event before, during, and after.  


Thank you to all the volunteers, the generous sponsors, the many vendors, the Bristol Auto Club, thanks to the musicians and local talents for providing entertainment! Thanks to the artists for providing an amazing animated element to the atmosphere. Trickle the thanks down to the electrical guys, the dude in the Darth Vader suit (he better have had had AC in there), and last but certainly not least thanks to Beer Garden sponsor Mark Policki’s (Bristol Cleaner’s & Custom Tailoring) hat for shading his head and providing great style to the big dance.  Oh, the beer was refreshing too, I hear.  And thanks all for coming!!!  



Aug. 9th Bristol Rising Meet-Up Recap

Nuchie’s was alive with roughly 40 Bristol Rising members last night discussing the success of the Pop Up Piazza Festival, and analyzing what could potentially be improved upon in any future events.


After the Pop Up talk, the evening shifted focus to upcoming events.  So quick!  Open up those calendars.  


If you are interested, in any capacity, in any of the events / dates listed below, or have any questions, please shoot Mark Walerysiak Jr a message at [email protected]



Bare Bones Grand Opening

August 26**

Ok, clear your schedules!  Art will be coloring up Main Street as the Bare Bones opens later this month.  Join the many who will be flooding their doors on Main Street for this eventful taste of culture to come.      




Doc, the Back to the Future Rain Rescheduling!

September 3

It’s not set in stone just yet, but several dates were thrown around for the rescheduling of Back to the Future as the feature film was rained out at the Pop Up Piazza.  So keep this date open, as the consensus last night appeared to be Saturday September 3rd.  Let us know if that looks like a good date to settle on!    



Next Month’s Bristol Rising Meet-Up!

September 6

Last night there was a bit of a tug-of-war between a few dates, namely the 6th and 7th.  Renaissance Project Manager Ryan Porter couldn’t attend last night’s meeting and can’t be here the 7th.  He really doesn’t want to miss two in a row, so it’s looking like the lead has tilted toward September 6th.



Bare Bones 5K

September 10

The Bare Bones is scheduling a 5K run and would love your participation! If any volunteers want to help out with the event please contact Robin Messerli, Lindsay Vigue, or Michelle St. Pierre on Bristol Rising.



West End Cleanup – Volunteers wanted!

September 11

Councilman Ken Cockayne is organizing a cleanup over in the West End, and we’re looking to see if any Bristol Risers wish to help with the effort!  We already have a bunch of volunteers, but we’re looking for even more! 


Summer Street Cleanup – Volunteers wanted!

 September 17

At least a dozen volunteers indicated last night they want to help with this new initiative to clean up Summer Street, and throw some of the neighborhood debris into dumpsters as we work to beautify the area.  Please join this great effort! 



Bristol Rising in Mum Festival Parade

September 25

We’re looking to get a ton of Bristol Risers to march together in the Mum Festival parade in our bright orange T’s (we’ll get you one if you don’t already have one!), and show some positive pride.  Join the fun, and let us know if we can expect you! 



In other meeting news…

The Piazza Crosses 300 ‘Likes”…

If you liked what you experienced on Saturday, hop over and give the permanent public piazza your vote of confidence!


The Fab 5 Campaign!

The Fab 5 eligibles need a boost from you!  Several are lagging behind and require your support in order to hit their trigger numbers by midnight September 20th to enter the Fab 5.


Essentially, any sponsored idea with an entrepreneur already attached needs 200 ‘likes’ (thumbs ups) in order to trigger Renaissance’s assistance in actively pursuing business investment to make that idea a red hot reality.  


Fab 5 Eligible –  Sponsored Ideas 

The Bare Bones128 Likes

Ale House & Wine Bar92 Likes

Co-working Space for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs87 Likes

Dinner & Drinks Movie Theatre61 Likes

Intimate Live Music Venue – 51 Likes

Moderately Priced Urban Format Grocer – 49 Likes

Bristol Billiards46 Likes



Fab 5 Eligible –  NON – Sponsored Ideas

Literary Cafe (bookstore) + Performance Space - 248 Likes

Brew Pub / Restaurant - 194 Likes

Market in Piazza [Needs Organizer]  – 186 Likes

 Artisan Bakery (All Natural, like ‘When Pigs Fly’) - 102 Likes




Ingraham House Summer Concert Series Rocks on Friday

Chicago indie rockers Milano will be in the house on Friday. We strongly suggest you get to check out this magical experience.  For just a $15 donation you get to experience an intimate and powerful atmosphere, refreshments, apps, and a whole lot of fun.  And oh yeah, live music 15 feet away.  You can’t find it anywhere else!  


Check out the ‘Milano at the Ingraham House’ Event Page on Facebook.